Alexander Jankowsky Residence K

Residence K

Project details

Burgenland, Austria
2010 - 2012
Floor Area: 400 m2
Attic Conversion
Contemporary Annex

Residence K

The task given was to revive the beautiful landmarked building that has been abandoned in recent years. This has been accomplished by renovating the historic substance, converting the attic into living space and adding a very modern annex - all done in a very sensitive and considered dialogue between old and new.

The annex is designed as an extrusion of the adjacent gable wall. It is traditional in form but modern in appearance and technology with a skin made out of glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels. Sliding doors on ground floor open up into the garden fluently connecting interior and exterior, while the window of the bedroom is cut to allow outlook from the inside but to minimize views into the building.

The before unused attic was converted into living space following the idea of maintain-ing the original form and character. Fluid spaces are arranged on different levels given by the preexisting situation.

While the roof was completely dismantled and rebuilt according to contemporary building standards the main wooden roof structure remained and is exposed as a main design element.