Alexander Jankowsky HOUSE IN THE VINEYARDS

Project details

private residential
2016 - 2018
Vienna, Austria
Floor Area: 500 m2
Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects
Alexander Janowsky Architecture
Marc Lins
Häuser des Jahres 2021
Callwey-Verlag, München 2021


The design can be seen as a reference to classic modernist architecture of the mid-20th century realized with contemporary and state of the art design and construction technologies. The upper floor is designed as a tubular steel frame structure with a cantilever of 12 meters resting on ground floor materialized in exposed concrete. The building is positioned on and partly built into the hill.

The external steel structure is exposed to weather conditions and needs to deal with length dilatation up to 2 cm in consequence of temperature differences. The cantilever shall oscillate within given parameters. The steel structure bears on concrete walls of ground floor and is attached via thermal breaks. All movements of external steel structure may not be carried further onto the glass facade or the interior. Exposed concrete walls and slabs have been produced in situ with sandblasted or grounded surface.

Realizing this challenging design requires distinctive skills of all participants during planning and construction phase. 3D BIM technology has been utilized in the design process. 

We have been commissioned with preparing construction documents, interior design and buildings supervision.

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