Alexander Jankowsky ABSDORF

Project details

Absdorf, Lower Austria
Client: KAW - Kirchberg am Wagram
architectural competition
2nd prize
6 apartment buildings,
66 units Floor Area: 5.500 m2
Alexander Janowsky Architecture


The task set in the competition asked to design a subsidized residential development project with a mixture of 65 two- to four-bedroom apartments in Absdorf, Lower Austria. The project should be erected in three consecutive building phases which needed to be implemented into the design.

Our concept proposed the construction of six three-storey buildings in two typologies with a subterranean garage and direct access to the buildings. The buildings are arranged in north-south direction on both sides of an inner alley, acting as the backbone of this quarter, designed to serve as a zone to meet, communicate and interact.

As a generell rule apartments are orientated towards two direction of the compass avoiding solely North-orientated units, offering an optimized floor plan with individual outdoor space and therefore provide a high standard for living.

We have been rewarded with 2nd prize participating in this architectural competition.

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