Alexander Jankowsky Fibonacci Spiral Structures

Fibonacci Spiral Structures

Project details

Düsseldorf, Germany
mixed use high-rise
public, working, living
Alexander Janowsky
Vienna University of Technology
Institute Professor Helmut Richter
5.000 m2
Oesterreichischer Baupreis 06
Archdiploma 05
Archplus Preis 04

Fibonacci Spiral Structures

Although fiction this project is designed for a specific site in a specific moment in time. It is the result of a thorough research on urban, cultural, economic and demographic data that manifests into architecture.

In this mixed used high-rise building architectural categories like form, function, structure are precisely defined by an under-lying three dimensional grid. This grid is derived from the Fibonacci algorithm.

The Fibonacci algorithm is used as a tool to specify organic process of ordering and growth. In this project it is used as a parametric design tool.